Why Staying In Is Better Than Going Out

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When people complain about winter, they are clearly not thinking! Winter is a time for hibernation and self-reflection. So much better than going out. Right?

When I finish work the first thing I do when I get home  (after walking the dog) is get in my cosy PJs, put heat on, hot water bottle and cosy up on the couch.  I love to just watch TV, read a book or listen to a podcast or audible.

I am comfy, warm, cosy and getting educated, inspired and generating ideas from the comfort of my own couch. What’s not to love? I would any day prefer to potter around my apartment than be out in the cold. 

On a Friday night getting in some wine and cheese or ordering a takeaway is just, to me, the epitome of pleasure. Plenty of friends join me in my wine, cheese and TV binge from time to time so it’s not like I am a total hermit. But again, I don’t have to leave my couch. Some of the best nights are having friends around and having a few glasses of wine.

A cosy glass of wine
A cosy glass of wine

Nowadays with the cost of living, the price of a pint staying in is not only appealing due to the creature comforts of home, but it’s a money saver. 

Don’t get me wrong I love to go for a nice brunch or dinner with friends but in the winter months it’s just not on my list. 

In my 20s and some of my 30s, I definitely had a touch of FOMO. If I were living in a city such as Dublin, London, LA or Sydney (cities I previously lived) I would be slightly more enthused as there is always something happening, a new restaurant or cafe opening, event, big concert or some exclusive gallery opening. But for now, I live in my home town of Cork City. Same places and faces as 20 years ago so I’ve pretty much been there done that. 

Curling up with a good book
Curling up with a good book

I am much more of a big-city person but I have a nice set-up here for now. In a year or two I definitely need a change of scenery. I plan on making a move to Dubai, LA, London, Sydney or Dublin at the least. 

For now, the beautiful winter months of Ireland are a token of tranquillity and I truly appreciate the downtime the weather permits. 

Cosy day in bed
Cosy day in bed

I guess being an only child I learned to deal with my own company and as an adult, I love my own company. That is definitely helpful but I think it’s also a change in energies across the globe as well as being a bit more seasoned. 

cosy day in bed
cosy day in bed

What do you love to do with your free time of a weekend? Comment below! Or DM @elevatebabeofficial on IG. 

Enjoy the downtime and elevate your life babes.

Cosy fire
Cosy fire

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