Your Health and The Truth About Air Fryers

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What They Don’t Tell You and What I Recommend as a Healthy Alternative.

Air Fryers have had a phenomenal entry into the market and are ridiculously popular. They are convenient and the food tastes great! But are they a healthy daily alternative to regular oven cooking? Well as it turns out Air Fryers are not necessarily healthy to use every day. The plastic that is used in Air Fryers can leak carcinogenic chemicals into your food when heated to a high temperature. Eeek! 

The Truth About Air Fryers
The Truth About Air Fryers

The toxic chemicals in Air Fryes when heated are Acrylamid and Teflon. If you ever watched the movie Dark Waters, you will have learned from that movie about the “forever chemicals” (PFAS) that are in every human being from the use of Teflon in nearly all products including cookware, makeup, clothes, plastic and even food!

If you are like me and are health conscious and would rather detox your body from these harmful chemicals then one step to take is in your every day cooking. I use cast iron cookware only as it is natural and does not contain the harmful chemical Teflon that is on other non-stick cookware. 

Another is Air Fryers. You can get non-toxic Air Fryers such as stainless steel and ceramic. Here is a link to a stainless steel Air Fryer if you are hell-bent on the convenience of an Air Fryer

The Truth About Air Fryers
The Truth About Air Fryers

The best way to cook is to just use the good old-fashioned oven and hob. That is all you really need. A lot of these Air Fryers, microwaves etc are just handy gimmicks that actually either destroy the nutrients in food such as the use of microwaves or leak carcinogenic toxic chemicals into your food such as Air Fryers

If you want to use an Air Fryer just use it weekly instead of daily to save yourself from poisoning slowly. But like I said you can actually get toxic-free Air Fryers which I would recommend. 

I want to spread my knowledge of health on this blog so when I know you know and I do my research before I rant about what’s good and what’s bad for your health. I just want to spread awareness of the reality of unknown health concerns that concern everybody. 

Do your own research, stay safe and Elevate Babe x

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  1. David

    Thanks for pointing out the forver chemicals In many products,.
    The SS Ninja you recommended looks sweet, I’m go to see if any of the 12+ multi cookers are all SS.

    • Antonia K. Moore

      I am so glad if I help you in making better health choices. Its important to share the knowledge of any health tips we have to educate people and hopefully, one day have a health conscious environment for the planet.


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