Well Whatever The Weather

by | Dec 6, 2023 | Diary Of An Estate Agent | 0 comments

I spoke too soon. As I mentioned how lovely, dry and sunny the weather has been of late, buckets started to pour all day and when you are out doing viewings it’s not the “May West”. Thankfully I only had one viewing a mere 5 minute’s walk from the office. A cute gem of a duplex apartment right in Cork City Centre. Honestly, it’s ideal for a young professional working in the city and wanting to get on the property ladder.

However, it seemed to be one of those days where little things went array. Lots of silly little mistakes that are frustrating and annoying for the very reason they are small and annoying. Saying that I’d rather make lots of minor mistakes than a big blowout fuck up! (give it time)

Even though we are quite close to Christmas we still have some nice properties coming to the market. This may not be the case in most or many estate agents at this time of year so we’re doing something right.

Working on an assignment due for next week when we haven’t been taught the subject, which is fun. Decided to cook a healthy dish for dinner with organic broccoli, organic spinach, organic rice and organic asparagus. Ate it quite speedily and dove to Tesco to get a pizza, chocolate and a bottle of wine. It is Wednesday after all.

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Diary Entry 1: Dive In

Diary Entry 1: Dive In

I am currently in college as an Apprentice Agent.  I work 4 days and I am in college for one full day. You might think that college one day a week breaks up being in the office  9-5 5 days but it actually makes the week feel a bit longer. It’s pretty full-on.


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