Diary Entry 1: Dive In

by | Dec 5, 2023 | Diary Of An Estate Agent | 0 comments

So let’s begin. I am currently in college as an Apprentice Agent.  I work 4 days and I am in college for one full day. You might think that college one day a week breaks up being in the office  9-5 5 days but it actually makes the week feel a bit longer. It’s pretty full-on.

We have assignment after assignment which is fine but there is one teacher (there’s always one) that never shows up, of course (eye roll). We have him for valuations which is a tricky topic if you have never dabbled in measuring a property or basic math!

Most of the class are up in arms about him and rightfully so. So far so good but there is an assignment due in January that is looking full of lovely valuation questions and we know nada!

I am hoping he will swoop into at least one class, give us the answers and be on his merry way. That’s all we need really.

So I had begun a podcast called Diary of An Estate Agent (appropriately) at the beginning of September but I realised I had not yet been made permanent at work so I thought “What if I get fired, then I will have to leave college and begin a new career elsewhere” why do the podcasts if there’s no journey to document and I’ll never get my real estate licence!

Now I am permanent (panic over) and can delightfully continue my meanderings safe in the knowledge I have a topic to ramble about.

I am going to try and post here as much as possible to get the “diary” going.

Follow me for regular updates on how my daily grind is going and how you can support the cause (joke, no cause)

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